March 7, 2012

Vintage potholders..

Dear my friends,
I didn't make any crochets in a few days as I was so busy at my work. I was busy with mid term Pathology exams of students, autopsies of animals and some rutine works of my department. Because of these reasons I want to show you some old pot holders which had been made by my grandmother and also my mother in very old times maybe 30 years ago.
Here they are..

All of them are a very beautiful heritage from my grandmother and also my mother. I am keeping all of them during my life..


  1. These are so lovely, what a beautiful heritage

  2. Your vintage potholders are beautiful. And they connect so much with the history of your family. Like my Grandmother's hat, these are real treasures to hold on to. Thank you for sharing....

  3. Dear friends, thank you for your comments. And that is true that these are the connections of our family history. Dear Meggie, Your grandma's wonderful hat is one of the samples of our history like these potholders. I like heritage and family history so much. When I have a scanner for scanning some old photos of my family I really want to share them to all of you. Thank you very much..

  4. You have a real treasure in your home. I bet you can smell the memories.

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