March 2, 2012

I sewed a skirt..

Dear my friends, I had some computer problems for few days. My computer was collapsed by a computer virus. So I lost some important pathology files. Some of them I found but some very important files were lost forever. That is a big shame on me because I never copied my files to some where. This was a very big experience for me.
I had a very big sorrow for several days. But last night I found some small pieces of a fabric which I had made somethings before. But the pieces of fabric were too small to make something. So I decided to sew a skirt but not very long. Because fabric pieces were not enough to sew a long skirt.
That is it. I sewed black lace to the edges because skirt was too mini. And I wore my skirt to faculty today. Some of my friends liked it. But some of them said that it was very short or mini to wear to faculty. Never mind. Today is friday. Weekend is coming.. I ll play with my little puppy Talia all weekend...

I sewed all small pieces of the fabric. Because I had not got a big fabric part.


  1. It looks very nice - great sewing work. :)

  2. I like it! It looks very nice. I'm still waiting for my husband to show me how to sew. Sorry to hear about your computer. I have not backed things up simply because I don't know how. I might have to get my brother to help, it sounds terrible to lose the information you need. Hope you have a better day!

  3. Sorry about the computer problems...especially files from work. I like the way you added the side piece on your skirt. Changing the directions of fabric gives it interest.

    Thank you for your continued support by reading my blog.

  4. It's adorable and you look great in it!

  5. Dear my friends, thank you very much for your nice comments. Yesterday I was very busy with my computer but very important files were gone. But today I am a bit good. I did nothing all day only I played with little talia puppy. Maybe tomorrow I can find somethings to make new. Thank you and best days for all my dear friends..

  6. Çok üzüldüm Bilgisayar ile olan sorunlara :( Benimde yedeklemem lazım aslında.

    Çok begendim etegi, çokta yakışmış ellerinize saglık..