March 16, 2012

Spring came to our University..

Finally, Spring came to our city and also our university campus..
Here are some photos from our university campus..

Our Veterinary Faculty garden with Palm trees

Veterinary Faculty road..


Little yellow flowers are saying hello to spring...

Veterinary Faculty garden with palm trees again...

blooming with a bee..
Dear my friends,
Today I am also happy that I ll go to near my family for this weekend. Only for 2 days.. But It is enough because I must return back as I have so much work to do. But good news...:))
My brother will come near my family too. He is working in Turkey's capital city Ankara. But he ll come to Konya city to see all of us together for 2 days too..
Happy spring days....


  1. You have such a lovely blog, the colours are beautiful. Hope you have a lovely weekend with your family xxx

  2. Dear Emma, Thank you very much for your nice comment. I am following your beautiful blog very closer. And I am learning so many things from your blog. Thank you very much and happy weekend..

  3. Oh...I am so happy that you will be with your family!!!! Nothing is better than that....we are starting spring as well!! And it is a very early and warm spring for us....I think that I may have to plant some lettuce in the vegetable garden this weekend....this time of year is so exciting...something new everyday!! Have a wonderful time with your dear family!!

  4. I'm so happy you will be with your family this week end. We are expecting lots of photos....

  5. I will be with my family this weekend too! I hope your visit is wonderful. Your campus looks like a lovely place to be.

  6. Beautiful blossoms! Have a safe trip home and a wonderful weekend!

  7. oh oh i love cherry blossoms! nice photos beck

  8. Dear my friends, Thank you very much for your good wishes.. I came back this morning. I am still happy. Because this time my brother came near my mother and my daughter. Our very small family was all together and so good for all of us... Thank you very much for your very good friendship all my friends..