March 21, 2012

Family Time again...

Dear my friends,
You know I went near my family last weekend for only 2 days to see my mother, my daughter and also my brother. It was a very good weekend for all of our family.
You see my family is so small. My mother has no brother or sister. My father was died on 1999. Since that time we were living all together. But I had to come this city for my job. So my mother and my daughter had stayed to our city as my mother is so old. And she didn't like this city where I work. So my daughter is near her to help my mother. My mother has no relative as her grandma and grandpa were came to Turkey from Greece very long time ago.
But this weekend I and also my brother came to Konya city. We were all together with happiness. Here are some pictures of us.

My mther and My brother, And Otis and Foxy..

I am with my mother's flowers..

Happiness is coming with our all pets.. My mother is looking a cooking book and Otis, Foxy and cat Mestan is sleeping near her... Oh I forget our bird Shahbaz.. Do you know that our bird is barking..:)) He learned barking from our dogs..

I and my brother and Foxy...

And my sweet daughter....

And My father... His name is Omar and he was died in 1999. But he is always with us we believe..

And here my new yarn. I don't know what I ll make with my yarn anyway. But I like colors so much and I bought..

My new magazines about home decoration..

I like this so much. Maybe I shall try to make it..

I like these cushions so much.. Just like a dream...

Dear my friends, Today is a very sunny day and I have not got so much work at the faculty.. I wish all of you very sunny days with your family forever...


  1. What a wonderful post about your family. It is very important to stay close to the family. Did you cook any traditional food during this visit?
    I. too, like the beautiful green afghan blanket "throw". I would like to see how the flowers are made.

  2. Dear Meggie,
    Thank you very much. This a a very good weekend for me and also my family. I told about your nice meal which you made before. My brother wanted to eat it very much. I made your recipe but there was no sausage again. My family liked it so much. And My brother thinks your meal is very healthy. he doesn't like very hot and spicy meals.I ll learn more recipes from you. Thank you very much for all your friendship..
    Today is spring festival in Turkey. Its name is Nawruz festival... This means welcome to spring season to all over the world.. Happy spring to you and all your family...

  3. Beck, you have a beautiful family!! And your furry babies are just adorable!! Thanks for visiting my blog!! Have a lovely day!! Hugs to you. Sandra

  4. This is a lovely post, I enjoyed seeing all the photos of your family. You and your daughter look very alike, and very pretty. Thank you for sharing this with us xxx

  5. Becks - you have a very beautiful family! I like the yarn colors you picked - the orange is the color I painted the walls of my craft room :-)

  6. It looks like you had a happy weekend with your family! Those magazine pictures are very pretty, and have a lot of good ideas. I like the little crochet sweater that Foxy is wearing. Cute!! Have fun with your new yarn!

  7. special times...sweet looking family...
    the yarn I see a nice colorful lap blanket..
    happy friday from southern california

  8. It's such a wonderful treat to view into the world of a land so far away ~ thank you so much for sharing all these wonderful images.

  9. oh Beck...I am so glad you had such a lovely time with your family! Really Family means so much...Your beautiful daughter...Your mum and brother...and your animals!!! We were having a very very warm spring and then yesterday it got cold!!! really cold...we have had the wood stoves on all day! but spring is coming!! yea and I am going to plant lettuce and peas this week in my vegetable garden. I did have a wonderful holiday and I wish that you may have one soon too!! It is so nice to have a friend in Turkey!! Maybe one day you will come to the U.S!! Happy spring!!

  10. Family is so important. I'm glad you had a wonderful time visiting yours:)

  11. Oh that's so sweet that you were able to see your family! Your daughter is beautiful! Hope you had a lovely time!

  12. I'm so happy you got to go see your family, it must be so hard to be away from them. Your daughter is beautiful! Hope you had a wonderful time!