October 10, 2012

New Crochet coasters.. And Crochet Mug cover...

Busy busy days...
Yes These are very hard and busy days.. Almost every day I have to make one or two autopsies and also every day I have pathology lessons for every classes. For these reasons I cant't find any free time to make any crochet handmades..
But finally I have made these three simple crochet coasters and crochet mug cover...:))
And I felt good...:=))

These are all gifts for my brother's girl friend... (OH I wish maybe fiancee..:)))


  1. Hi Beck. Your brother's girlfriend is very lucky to receive all those pretty gifts from you. I really like the coasters with the hearts on them. Have a great day. :)

  2. The gifts are very cute! And the coasters are beautiful :) I liked your purses too especially the one with flower and beads:) I just couldn't bear the image of autopsy in the last post so adding my comments for last post too here. You are doing a hard and great job both! :) Creating something beautiful after a hard day's work gives lot of relaxation and happiness! That's my experience too when I was a full time professional.

  3. Beautiful, pink, pink, pink! Congratulations!

  4. Very pretty beck I hope you get some spare time soon xx

  5. So very pretty! I just love the coasters...you are a great inspiration to me:) Hope all is well.


  6. Wow, how cute those are! Your brothers girlfriend should be so happy! I would like to try and make something like that. Is it a smaller yarn? It looks so dainty?

  7. Bonitos regalos,vamos como para no gustarles son preciosos.Hija mia no paras de hacer cosas.Saludos.