September 4, 2012

Finally I have received my packages..:))

Yes I am happy.. Finally I have received my packages from Tchibo Store.. I have bought these...:)))

First of all I must thank to my really best friend moonlightcat that she told me I had to visit Tchibo store on the web..:)) She bought very nice things for her 3 cats... So I had visited the online store of Tchibo and of course I found so pretty things for all our pets and also us...:)) Thank you moonlightcat....

Here are two big Packages from Tchibo store...

Inside of the packages...:))

Well I have bought 1 jacquard table runner and 8 napkins (Brown) for my mother..
Pet blanket for my kitty..
2 food boxes like bones for 2 sweet dogs
and 3 phone covers, one for my mother, one for my daughter and one for me of course...:))

And Happy me...:))) I have taken this photo just now... I am at my office and look I am smiling a lot..:))

All best wishes and happy days...:)))


  1. Lady in red:) Süpersin arkadaşım, maşallah.
    Patililerin cicileri çok güzel.
    Zarifliğin için de ayrıca teşekkür eder, kocaman öperim^-^

    1. Sorma..:)) Şu acayip gülüşüme bakar mısın...:))
      Ben sana çok teşekkür ederim sağolasın arkadaşım bloğun zaten harika. İyi ki de yakından takip ediyorum...:))Valla tüm elişlerin gerçekten çok güzel. Çok emekli ve zor işler..
      Allah işlerinizde de yardımcınız olsun..
      Size çok selam ve sevgiler Kedişlerini de çok çok çok öpüyorum..
      Sağol kardeşim..

  2. You look very happy, dear Beck. Hope you enjoy all your purchases xxx

  3. Hi Beck, You are looking very pretty and certainly looking happy to go to work. Good for you. Have a nice week.

  4. Hi!

    Thanks for writing on my blog! Thnaks for joining! I LOVE that dark brown material! So pretty!

    I love Granny Squares and the Double Puff Stitch! :-)


  5. I like your purchases - esp the dog bone container. And the red suits you!

  6. Thanks my friend for letting me know
    Excuse me, but my English is little. I love pets. I have many cats and dogs. I like your blog. I'll visit you later

    1. Thank you very much dear my friend. I am very happy that you have visited my blog.. Nice to meet you so much..:))
      All best wishes...
      Happy days..:))

  7. hi dear..thank for visiting me.glad to have relation with you,you got very beautiful daughter :)..i also got one daughter :)...u've done such a beautiful product using yarn!