September 29, 2012

Crochet Napkin Rings...

Hi all my dear friends,
You never guess how busy I was.. You know new educational term was began and I saw that I will have so many pathology lessons for classes in this term..
So I could not find any free time to make somethings.. But you know I never forger crocheting...:))
Crochet is my therapy..
Here are 8 crochet napkin rings... I saw crochet napkin rings here..

My mother's napkins are coffee color so I made Orange crochet roses with green leaves. Crochet napkin rings are beige color so I think These are cute and good gift for my mother...:))
Ohh Always always my mother..
Time to make somethings for myself I think::)))


  1. merhaba ( : çok güzel olmuşlar çok yaratıcı bir fikir ( : iyi akşamlar

  2. STUNNING!! These are so beautiful - You do such an amazing job crocheting :) I hope you are doing well!


  3. They are beautiful Beck, I'm sure your mother will love them :)

  4. Hey so glad to see you again. I know how busy you are studying. I love the napkin rings so pretty against the brown. Perfect for this time of year:)

  5. The roses on the napkins are really gorgeous Beck!!! You really did a nice job!! Now, crochet some for yourself!!!
    Happy weekend, xxx Alessandra

  6. The napkin rings are lovely Beck - your Mom will love them. Have a good evening. :)

  7. They are wonderful and a great contrast against the dark brown of the table napkin. Beautifully done!

    keep well

    Amanda :-)

  8. It is very beautiful Beck! You do make lot of things even if you are busy with job:)

    Making something for mother generally gives lot of happiness to us because she is the world's greatest admirer of us. For them, it will always be - see my child made this - kind of glow on their face no matter whether the child is 5+ or 50+ :)))

  9. Hi Beck...I love your rose....wouldn't it be pretty on a winter hat?

  10. Hey Beck!
    A surprise for you:

  11. These are very pretty. You are so clever. :-)

  12. My dear friends, Thank you so so much for your very sweet friends.. All these good words make me so happy you know You are all my real friends..:))
    Thank you so so much..
    GOD bless all of you..:))