August 15, 2012

Crochet Corns.. Window Hanger..

Hi all my dear friends..
Ohh finally I am at home..:)) My  dear blogging friend Lynne said so good.. I am homesick.. Yes.. I like home so so much.. The most comfortable, the most beautiful place is home I think..
First I kissed my mother and all my lovelies, I had a rest and I made crochet.. Oh my love crochet.. I missed crochet so much.. Like an obsession..:))
I want to show my granny square shawl. I made a lot of squares and joined them immediately.. But first of all my mother had found very old crochet corns,window hanger or refregirator hanger. It was made by my grandmother. The crochet corns are so old but I want it to show you..
Very old crochet corns..

Here is my granny square shawl. It is not finished yet and It is growing slowly....

And here is an old doily made by my grandmother again.. My mother had founded so many vintage crochets and doilies when we were on vacation..
This is a fine work I want to share this doily..

These are vintage things coming from maybe 30-40 years ago. And fine handmades, maded by my grandmother...
Well I am at home.. Happy again....:))



  1. Those corns are too cute. Glad you are home. :)

  2. Holidays are fun:) but home coming is so much more fun!!! I love the corns, they look so real. Love the shawl and cover of your grandma. Great pattern.

  3. Your grandmother is a lovely crocheter

  4. Welcome home lovely! The crocheted corn looks amazing. I love your granny square shawl, it looks so warm and snuggly and the lacework is gorgeous too. I had a whole set of lace doilies that my sister in law made for me when I got married. My oldest daughter claimed them all when she left home. LOL She loves lacework.

  5. yes, the corns seem so realistic!!! the cover for the seat is a fine work,too!!!
    love your grannies shawl!!! ;oD
    xxx Alessandra

  6. Love the sweet corns! Your granny shawl is beautiful!! xo Heather

  7. mısıra bayıldı kadar güzel örülmüş.şalda çok güzel olacak bitince..