July 3, 2012

Mini Summer Dress for my daughter...

Hi dear friends...
You know In these days I am very busy with sewing.. :) Summer cames so we have new dresses new blouses and maybe new designs and styles..
I sewed a blouse for my daughter you remember but she didn't like it and I took it for myself.
 I sewed a mini summer dress for my daughter from the same fabric again.. She wanted the same fabric as she like the batic fabric..
Here is my sweet daughter with her new mini summer dress... And this time she liked her dress.. It is ok now...:))

Finally my daughter liked her dress...:))

Mini Summer Dress for holidays..

And now..:)) My mother wants a dress too for summer..:))


  1. Hey there Beck. The summer dress is very pretty, your sweet daughter looks more beautiful wearing it. I'm thinking of trying sewing, I've never tried it but I'm willing to learn. My brother's a fashion designer back home, he's currently learning how to sew as well. Keep up the great work, Beck! <3

  2. Its a nice dress, batic is always so beautifull, and you know, you live in the good country for such a mini dress:) always SUN! :)

  3. I would like to join the club and say I WANT A DRESS TOO~

  4. It's very pretty Beck - and it looks nice on your daughter. :)

  5. You are all sweetheart dear my friends.
    Thank you very much.. Now it is very hot in Turkiye.. Maybe 2 weeks later I and my daughter will go to holiday near meditteranean sea villages. And this dress is very suitable for summer nights..
    Thank you and all best wishes from my deep heart..:))

  6. What a lovely dress Beck, you are so clever. You're lucky to have hot weather, it's raining here again xxx

  7. Very cute dress!!! Your daughter looks very pleased and ready for summer. Stay cool

  8. Your daughter looks lovely in her new dress. Jx

  9. I can see why your mom wants a dress too! Your daughter is a cutie, and the dress is pretty neat! I love the fabric, good taste there.

  10. Love the dress your daughter looks amazing :) xc

  11. Such a pretty dress! Your sweet daughter looks so cute in it! xo Heather

  12. Thank you my dear friends, You are so polite thank you. When my daughter read your very nice comments, She is very happy. When she heard good words from you,she feels more more happy..
    I like all of you so much.. God Bless You..:))