July 9, 2012

Dress for my Mother..:))

Hi my dear friends, You know I am very amateur on sewing but I like to sew somethings for my daughter and my mother and also myself.. Maybe they are not very well but I must thank to my family that they always like what I sewed for them..
Here is a dress for my mother.. I think she likes it..
I put brown lace on the neck as my mother wanted lace..

My dear mother with my sweet foxy.. She has no hair now as the weather is terribly hot...
Ohhhh no I see just now..:)) Really just now...:))
Ohh please look under the chair....:))



  1. Mummikins looks lovely, i think you are marvelously clever to make clothes, that is one thing that i have never tackled, though i have been scouring vintage patterns to see if theres a simple wrap round 1940 style dress that i could possibly make....any suggestions are most welcome if you know of a good place to start with a first project.
    Pixie x

    1. Hi my dear friend Pixie, Thank you very much for your nice post. I have to say that you are marvelously clever too. I am following your blog very closer and You really make very beautiful and creative things. Expecially I like your blog header. That knitted house is my favorite you know. I will try to make it.
      This dress pattern is actually a top-tunic of my daughter.. I put her top on the fabric and I cut the fabric. But As It will been made dress It must be normally long.. That's all.
      And Dear Pixie I really must say this..
      Last year I bought my sewing machine. I knew nothing about sewing. Yes that s true. Absolutely nothing.:) And nobody taught sewing to me. I tried millions and millions time.
      Believe me that you easily learn sewing. Because You make harder handmades than sewing. If I found some patterns as you want vintage patterns, I will send them to you with pleasure..:))
      All best wishes and Blessings..

    2. Oh you are so lovely, thank you most muchly for the lovely things said...you have definatly inspired me enough now to go and tackle my first project.... hugs Pixie x
      ps The knitted house was easy peasy, i got it from 'wool sanctuary' on ravelry if your interested in having a go.x

  2. Your Mom is so pretty in her new dress. (I see that cute little Otis wanted to be in the picture.) :)

    1. Hi my dear friend Debi, Thank you very much for your nice comment.. Yes my mother seems happy with her dress but I am not sure If she will wear this dress any other time..:??)))
      And that's my surprise that, When I put the pictures to my post and published it I saw Otis under the chair.. And I turned to my post page and I wrote My surprise and republished it..
      Nobody saw Otis when I was taking my mother's photo. Just strange.. When did he came the room and how.. He is looking the camera.. Just strange and very funny..:))
      All best wishes and blessings..
      Happy Campings to you and your sweet family...:))

  3. That dress is very pretty and perfect for a hot day! I've always wanted to learn how to sew but I never seem to get round to it.

    1. Hi my dear friend, Thank you very much for your nice comment. Believe me that I learned sewing by myself. That's true.. It may be hard at the beginning but then I like what I sewed..:))
      And that's very nice that you are from Greece.. Greece is my grandmother's country.. :)) This is so nice.:)) My grandmother (My mother's mother) came here from Thessaloniki..:))
      σας ευχαριστώ
      (I think It's correct.:))
      All best wishes and blessings...

  4. Hi my new friend!!!!!!
    Your mom is very goodlooking with this dress!!!!!
    I love this dog!!!!!!!!
    Blessing family!!!!!!!!!!
    Have a nice week!!!!!!!!

  5. how nice that you could do that for your mom :)


  6. Oh, Beck....you are branching out and trying many new ideas. I love the dress for your Mom. Otis is a real cutie, hiding under the chair.

    1. Hi my dear friend Meggie, Thank you very much for your nice comment.. It is a big surprise that how My Otis saw the camera and He looked at the camera..:))
      Thank you very much.. And I wish you good luck..:)
      Please pray for me that I need a very big change in my life..:))

  7. i love the dress and your dogs are so cute xx

    1. Ohh Thank you dear Rachel.. You know I like dogs and cats so so much.. I can'T imagine a life without animals... ;I really like them so much..
      Thank you and all best wishess..:))

  8. I love the dress and your dogs are so cute!

  9. It's lovely and looks wonderful on your mom!

  10. Lovely!! The dress and your mom! the babies are so cute!

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  12. It's such a lovely dress. How sweet of you to make your mother a dress. I'm sure it is her favorite, now! I saw your blog on Siga's list. I'm so glad I looked at it more. I adore vintage!

  13. This is so lovely thing! And your mother right - the lace was the detail what made it so special. By the way, she looks very beautiful lovely Lady!

    P.S. Sorry, I am not passing by here every day, even if I wish... Too little time, so many things... Hugs to you, my friend!

  14. Que guapa se ve tu madre con este vestido Beck! y el perrito...que carita mas linda!!

  15. what a beautiful dress for your mom. She looks lovely..