July 14, 2012

Crochet vintage table runner, And new crochet blanket project...

Hi my dear friends,
Happy weekend to all of you...
This is a happy weekend for me..:) Because YES I came near my family again and I will stay here for 1 month or more...:)))
I am like a fox..:)) I took 1 month rest from my faculty.. This is my yearly routine holiday..
Well I am near my family.. I want to show a vintage crochet table runner which was made by my grandma.. :))
She died at 2000 but she was very creative very talent.. She teached crochet to my mother and also to me..
If I find any free time here, I want to scan some old photos of my grandma and grandpa.. And I want to show my grandma and grandpa and that old but very beautiful times and sweet memories...:))

And here , My mother's new crochet blanket project...

And some photos of I and my mother. We went to a very big mall and we had happy times when we were eating our cheese cakes..:))

And finally my sweet daughter...:))

I wish all of my friends a happy weekend with their families and their loves..:)))



  1. You're very talented and patient!
    You girls all look great!
    If you come to Greece when you retire, you will enoy it so much! You told me that it's your grandma's country, right?
    My great grandparents on my mum's side were from an area called Vourla in Asia Minor.
    Enjoy your weekend!

    1. Dear my friend, Dear my sister, Thank you very much. You are very kind. Now I read your comment to my mother.. She is saying all her regards to you and her mother's country homeland.. This is the real life. Sometimes people have to live far from their own countries.. Do you know , when my dear grandma heard about her home country, voices, musics or anything else, she had cried a lot..:-((
      This is my duty to visit homeland..
      All best wishes to you and all Greece...:))
      All blessings..

    2. My mum was very happy to hear about it, too, and she asked which part of Greece your grandmother was from.Also, you may want to visit my mum's blog as she happened to post a Turkish song today!


      Thank you for your kind words, our countries have a lot in common!

    3. Dear Sexta-feira, Do you know what I feel now..:)) Like I found my sister, one of my family member.. :))
      This is miracle.. I have visited your mother's blog. I know that song. That Turkish-Greek song is so famous in Turkiye. Also Turkiye like the singer İlhan so much..
      I could not join your mother's blog. How will I join..? Would you mind telling me how..
      Thank you dear friend Thank you sister...:))

    4. You're so sweet!
      Of course you are invited to Ioannina too. if you visit Thessaloniki, it's only a 3-hour bus ride! We wil have great fun!

  2. Love your Grandma's tablecloth - looks like she crocheted lovely things too. It's very pretty.

    Have a great time with your family Beck. :)

    1. Dear Debi, Thank you very much.. My grandma was making so many crochets and also very fine doilies.. I really want to share them to you..
      The best thing in the world is Family I think dear Debi..:))
      I wish you a very happy weekend with your all family and friends...:))
      All best wishes...

  3. Thank you for visiting my blog. I'm very happy.

    I'm glad you enjoyed the song. I like it very much, too.
    My mother speaks fluent Turkish and we love Turkey.

    If you stop by my blog again, you can click the follow button on the right top part of the page.

  4. Hi Beck!! Beautiful vintage crocheted table cloth!! Love your mom's new blanket! Such pretty colors!! Hope you have a lovely day! xo Heather

    1. My dear friend, Heather thank you very much. My mom likes crocheting very much. I and my mother choose the colors together..:))
      All best wishes and blessings..:))

  5. The tablecloth is gorgeous and I love the colors of the new blanket. Looks like you all had fun at the mall. It's fun seeing photos of the public places and what the people and places look like.

    Enjoy your holiday!

    1. Hi dear Heather thank you very much for your comment.. Yes That is right, I like to look photos of public places. These photos show us the life styles and the cultures very clearly of the cities and countries..:))
      All best wishess and all blessings..:))

  6. That blanket looks soooo cozy already! ^__^ and yummmm cheesecake, my favorite!! Best wishes <3