June 27, 2012

What I did Today? Wednesday..

Hi dear my friends,
As my mother and my daughter went to Ankara near my brother, I had a very quiet day today as my blogging friend Karisma said.. Yes, My mother and my daughter have a very good time with my brother in Ankara city Shopping Fest. And I am here with Otis, Foxy Fox and cat Mestan.. ( Justice for All...)
I must say that I am really very happy.. Really happy.. I like to play with our lovelies. And as my daughter went, I am staying in her room.. Actually that room was my room in my childhood and my teenage years and I have good memories in that room.. But As I work another city, My room is now my daughter's room..
Of course all furniture, all decorations are changed.. But good memories of my childhood and teenage times can't be changed..
Here are some pictures of my daughter's room ( No no that is still my room...))

But the poster of John Lennon was never changed for 25 years or more...

In these days I am reading this book, It is about celtic cultures.. I am very interested you know...

These are my daughter's toys and dolls.. Well I may play with them.. As I returned to my teenage years for a while...:))


  1. such pretty things in your daughter's room..

  2. Ooh, I love the little couch and the shoe that holds rings! I still play with toys, too :-)