June 8, 2012

My New Bookmarks..

Hi dear my friends,
I am very well today. My left hand and my right knee are going well day by day. The bubbles on my left hand are stand still there. But I have got less pain and I can sleep good at nights..
You know I like to make handmades so I made some easy things with my left hand.. These are my new bookmarks and have been made from ice cream sticks. I covered sticks with yarn. And I put crochet flowers on the sticks by the helping of glue gun ( Yes that GLUE GUN... This is a real gun.. It burned my hand and knee. But this time I was completely careful.. )

Dear my friends, I always forget to say you something. I began the second month of quitting smoking... Well It is going on very well.. I forgot the meaning of smoking.. :)))


  1. Hello, thanks for following me back. Your blog gives me inspiration, I hope mine is the same for you. Greetings from the Netherlands, from Francien byebye ps. get well soon;)

  2. Well done for giving up smoking - two months is a long time! Bookmarks are fun! Hope your burns are healing well.
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  3. Congratulations on stopping smoking- thats great!! Also I love your flower bookmarks

  4. The bookmarks are really cute. Congratulations on not smoking. :)

  5. Dear sweet Beck,
    I'm so glad to hear you're doing better. Congratulations on giving up smoking! I love the flower bookmarks; such a clever idea! I hope your puppy is doing well (and your other animals, too!)

  6. The bookmarks are very sweet and great job with quitting the smoking. You should be really in the clear with that now. 2 months is like you never ever smoked. Congratulations. Hugs xox

  7. I love your bookmarks they are so pretty..Congrats on stopping smoking. It is hard but I know you can do it.