June 14, 2012

Crochet Shawl and little Goldie...

Hi Dear my sweet friends,
This is a  Sunny Wednesday. The weather is so hot here.. But I like hot weather so so much.. I am near my family now. Yes I am look like a fox..:)) I took 20 days rest from my doctor.. I came near my family and now I am very well. I forgot all my pain and burnt fingers. I am with my mother, my sweet daughter and all our lovelies all days and nights.. This is happiness for me.
As I showed you before, I was knitting a shawl with shiny blue colored yarn. But My mother changed and she decided crochet shawl with that yarn..

I must Thank to Debi, Dear Debi had recommened Goldie Name for my puppy..My little puppy's name is Goldie now. My daughter likes name Goldie and now she is little Goldie...
I remember Goldie Hawn.
Goldie Hawn is one of the actresses that I like so so much.

She is always very beautiful with big blue eyes and blond hair. I never forget the movie of Goldie Hawn 'BEST FRIENDS' with Burt Reynolds in 1982. I was a child when I watched the movie first time. And I have so nice memories about that days.. That happy days..

Here is our little Goldie,

But bad news... Otis, Foxy fox and cat Mestan never like Goldie..:(( So bad. They don't like little puppy. What will we do now? We don't know.. Little Goldie is so naughty and she bites all the other lovelies. All of our loveliesa are afraid of little puppy.
Look at cat Mestan...

Cat Mestan is trying to hide out himself...
Oh my dear Otis and Foxy Fox...
Well My days are going so good.. Maybe a few days later I will show you a crochet blanket that my mother will finish it..
It will be a Taa Daahh  moment for me.. Ohh no for my mother...:))
Happy happy days for all my friends...



  1. Your shawl is beautiful! Goldie is a perfect name for your little cocker spaniel. I have a black one and he is so sweet! Glad you are feeling better. Eileen xo

  2. aww your dogs are gorgeous. I love the blue shawl beautiful:)

  3. The shawl is very pretty - looks nice. :)

    Looks like you're going to have your hands full teaching little Goldie not to bite.

  4. Hello Beck....maybe when Goldie gets a little older she will settle down and be friends with your other babies. She is a beautiful puppy!

  5. Such a pretty shawl! I love the color. And your sweet animals :-) Don't worry too much about Otis, Foxy Fox and Mestan not getting along with Goldie; they will, in time.

  6. That shawl is awesome!!! Love Goldie Hawn too! Private Benjamin one of my favs!
    Your babies are so cute!