June 23, 2012

Crochet circles... What for?

Happy happy weekend all my friends,
I told you that I am so lazy in these days.:)). The weather is so hot. Maybe for that reason. Or I am near my family, I prefer to play with our lovelies.. Maybe for this reason, I didn't make crochet in these days..
But yesterday night, My mother told me'' Enough !! You have to make crochet, You are as lazy as cat mestan:))''
So I made crochet circles.. What for I don't know.. This is very easy for me to make crochet circles. So I made 7 circles for each colors.. I have 4 different colored yarn. So I have 28 crochet circles now.
I think I should make a crochet triangle shawl by joining the circles crochet to eachother with crochet chains...

Yesterday Foxy Fox's hair was cut as the weather is so hot and she has long hair. Some photos of Foxy, Otis and cat Mestan.. My Loves....:))

Foxy was so sad when she came from veterinary clinic, Her long hair was gone so she was depressed that moment. We dressed her a sweather first.

Here is Otis and his favorite toy, Plastic Bone..:))

Poor Foxy, She was still sleepy because of anesthesia..

Cat Mestan is always calm, and happy..

I Wish you happy happy weekend with all your family and friends...



  1. such lovely squares. I love your beautiful animals. Can't wait to see what you come up with the circles.

  2. Hi Beck, keep going with your circles, they are so pretty! A shawl is a great idea. Your animals are so cute, especially Foxy in the sweater : )
    Lynne xx

  3. Sometimes it is fun to crochet things :) without knowing why you are making these. And later on you get the inspiration: yesss... I can use it for a bag, or shawl, pillow, making flowers of it with other colors... Overhere the weather is not so good, I am jealous at your sun:) have a nice weekend, bye bye

  4. your pets are all very cute ! carry on with your crochet I'm sure you will make something fabulous xx

  5. I think a shawl made with these little circles will look nice. Your little fur-babies are so cute. :)

  6. Pretty, pretty circles! Whatever you make with them will be lovely.
    Your animals look so sweet. Poor Foxy! I hope she is feeling better.