May 9, 2012

My new Crochet Slippers... And 18. Spring Festival of our University

Hi Dear Friends, Today is a very sunny day and our University Spring Festival has began yesterday. So many different activities, concerts, talk shows, all enjoyable games, carnivals and etc were began yesterday morning. And I must proudly say that I am the Academic consultant and the head of the University Rock Community..
This is not a joke..:) I and Rock, Rock and I... Many question marks.. But the first one is Why and the second one is How..:))
Really I don't know.. I am the head of University Rock community for one year. That is hard for me to decide what the community will do, concerts, visitings or etc.
Well I know some rock groups of course, but they are so old and from 70s and 80s or the newests are from 90s... Hard job... But I have good assistans that do the mission of course.
I have some traditional photos of Spring Festival activities and I will show them.
I want to show my new crochet slippers first..

And I really want to show another slippers which was given me from my neighbour. My neighbour her name is Gonul is a mother and 1 year older than me. Happy and pretty woman that she is making this kind of slippers and selling them for his son's education. But she gave this slippers as s gift.. Thank you dear Gonul. But as soon as possible I must make something for her and give as a gift too.
This a knitted slippers, she used silver beads on some parts of the slippers.

Their shapers are very different but very pretty on foot.. I searched for the pattern to describe my blogging friends. But I couldn't find any Turkish or English pattern of it. If I find or learn how to make of course I will share with you..

And now I want to share some photos that I took them yesterday, at the beginning of the Spring Festival of our University.
These photos are some traditional and ethnic cloths of old soldiersof army. I went near them and I asked If  I should take photos with them.. Here they are..

I want to add a very small movie taht I had taken yesterday. This is a traditional very old song..

And finally the most important activity of the Spring Festival for me..... This is the day 9th for quitting smoking. But... also the day 9th for eating so so so much.....:))

                                   I ate the second one after fnishing this fish sandwich...:))



  1. You are so Cute! Cool slippers. The knitted ones are so unique. Love the colors in your slippers. Thanks for sharing.:)

  2. Wow, I love both pairs of slippers. I love the colour of your ones and your neighbours are very intriguing. They look awesome on you! I would love the pattern if you find one. Lucky you! Congratulations on the giving up smoking. Well done! Hugs xoxox

  3. que bonitas zapatillas y las de regalo tambien,,me encantan.Seguro que haras muy bien lo que te han enconmendado,lo del rok!y felicidades por otro dia mas sin fumar,aunque es verdad que entra mas apetito,,pero mejor comer a fumar!

    Cuando puedas podias poner un tutorial,de como has echo las zapatillas?me gustaria hacer unas para mi,gracias!

  4. Oh Beck....9 days!!! are amazing!! You can to it!!!!!! I love the slippers.. I have wanted to make these for sometime....i'll bet you could make up a crochet pattern for the others too...I love those as well.
    And thank you so much for sharing all the wonderful cultural things.....I absolutely love to learn about other cultures....I think that is what makes the world learn and share about each other....I would have loved to have been able to just beam myself right to that festival!!!! Thank you also for the lovely comment on my site about little Maia's new quilt...I had so much fun making it....and she is such a sweet little baby!!! Happy Day to you my friend!!!

  5. Hello Beck....A GREAT post. It gave me a chance to see more of what your life is like. Congratulations on 9 days not out for the calories!

  6. I love this post Beck. The slippers are beautiful! I like all the pictures (and video) of the men in their traditional clothes. I bet the festival will be so fun! Good job on not smoking for 9 days!!!

  7. Love your slippers Beck!! So pretty and cozy!! Looks like you have been having a lot of fun, and eating good food!! Have a great day my dear!! xo Heather

  8. Hi dear my blogging friends.
    I am really very happy when I read your nice comments. Today when I read your comments, I felt that I am at HOME. That's true. I felt like this. I felt I met all of you for a very long time and I felt that warm feelings from all of you. That is great.. Thank you so so much....