May 6, 2012


This is a song name Ederlezi, Maybe you watched 'Time of the Gypsies' from Emir Kusturica. This was a Goran Bregovic song from that movie..

Today is Ederlezi for our culture. I know This is very interesting for you that  I want to copy some knowledges from Wikipedia. You will understand this interesting culture or maybe ceremony or ritual better..

Hıdırellez or Hıdrellez (TurkishHıdrellez or HıdırellezAzerbaijaniXıdır İlyas or Xıdır NəbiCrimean TatarHıdırlezRomani language:Ederlezi) is celebrated as the day on which Prophets Hızır (Al-Khidr) and Ilyas (Elijah) met on the earth.[1] Hıdırellez starts on May 5 night and falls on May 6 in the Gregorian calendar and April 23 in the Julian calendar. It is celebrated in Turkey [2] and throughout the Turkic world. It celebrates the arrival of spring and is a religious holiday for the Alevi as well. Đurđevdan is the Christian variety of this spring festival throughout the Balkans
Khidr and Elijah, the names of the two prophets, fused together, forming the name of the festival, Hidirellez.

There are various theories about the origin of Hızır and Hıdırellez. Various ceremonies and rituals were performed for various gods with the arrival of spring or summer in MesopotamiaAnatoliaIran and other Mediterranean countries from ancient times.
One widespread belief suggests that Hızır has attained immortality by drinking the water of life. He often wanders on the earth, especially in the spring, and helps people in difficulty. People see him as a source of bounty and health, as the festival takes place in spring, the time of new life.

Well these are some knowledges from Wikipedia, Now I try to tell this. Yesterday night Khidr met Elijah again. Every year at May the 5th, the same ceramony repeat again and again forever. So people want and pray that night to have whatever they want. But People must draw whatever they want on a paper. For example I want a new car, I must draw a new car picture, or I want a new house, I must draw a new house picture, Maybe I want to get married, I must draw a bridge with a handsome man..)). 
Yes after finished our drawing whatever we want, We must put the paper under a rose in a garden. Or If we haven't any garden we must go some rose gardens and put our papers under roses. It must be done on that night May the 5th.  We must say nothing what we drew on the paper. And the next day we must take that papers under the roses and maybe we must fire that papers nobody can see our papers. If anyone saw, our wishes what we drew on papers never been done. Never...

Is this good...:)) I think this is a very interesting culture and coming from some other cultures... I never believe this.. Well maybe I can pray God of course but I don't draw somethings on papers. When I and my brother were very young, my mother said us to draw whatever we want on some papers and she put the papers no rose but near some flowers in our balcony.. This was a game for us... This is still a happy game for me. 
Maybe a game for welcome to spring...
Well Ederlezi, Hidirellez is the first spring day for some cultures. And so many family goes picnics for today. They have to go picnic on Ederlezi day to celebrate the spring...
You will ask me now that ' what did you do today?' :))
As all weekends I MADE CROCHET.:))
And yesterday night??
As all nights I MADE CROCHET:))
I really want to tell this to you that, this is an interesting culture.. Isn't it?


  1. This was a really interesting post, thanks for sharing about your culture

  2. What a great story and custom! Thank you for sharing a part of your culture! Happy spring to you!

  3. Interesting post - I love hearing about different traditions.
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger