April 4, 2012

Rag crochet pillow was finished...

   Dear my friends, Am I so jealous?? Maybe you think like this. I am looking all my blogging friends' blogs when I have not got any work at my faculty. And I am finding so beautiful crochets. So As I like them very much, I am trying to make that crochets to have my own. I think this is not jealousy. I am appreciated all my friends crochets. Because this is my way to learn some new and different things about crochet.
   My rag crochet pillow was finished last night. You know that I saw this from Debi. So I finished it last night. Debi's pillow is more beautiful than mine I think. I like eyelash yarn work so much. And I ll make some crochet rag pillows again.
   Here is my pillow...

With eyelash yarn

Finally finished... And now my pillow is waiting my mom with my baby doll..

My pillow which I sewed before is bigger than my crochet. So I ll sew another pillow fit to my crochet in a very short time..

   And now.. Bad news... My family don' t come to my city. They changed their plans for my daughter's illness. The city where they live, There are so many good hospitals and doctors. And my daughter has her own doctor who knows her illness. So they delay to come here. But I think I ll go near my family again for this weekend for only 2 days. Ok. No problem.. This is my real life... And this is my duty I know...
All best wishes....


  1. Your eyelash pillow worked really well! And getting inspiration from other blogs is what it is all about, it isn't jealousy to be inspired by other people's work.

    I'm sorry to hear your family won't be coming to see you, but I am sure they will come to visit as soon as your daughter feels she is well enough to visit.

    xXx Helen

  2. I love your eyelash pillow, it's beautiful. I'm always looking at blogs and getting jealous, it's natural I guess. Hope you have a nice time when you visit your family. Lots of love xxx

  3. Hi Beck - your pillow came out so nice. It's very pretty. I love looking at other blogs and getting inspiration too. It's always fun. Enjoy your weekend with your family. :)

  4. Oh Beck....I'm sorry to hear about your daughter. The decision for them to stay close to her doctor is a good one. At least you will be able to travel to see her. I know your mother will love the pillow.

  5. I like your pillow Beck, it came out great! I will have to try that eyelash yarn someday. Have a nice weekend with your family.

  6. Your pillow is lovely. I've never tried crocheting with a 'fuzzy' wool. It looks really effective. I am so sorry to hear that your daughter isn't well. I hope that you enjoy the time that you can get with your family. All the best, Jx

  7. Your pillow turned out lovely... I might have to try it out myself one of these days :)