March 9, 2012

I'm a poor lonesome cowboy...

I'm a poor lonesome cowboy
I've a long long way from home
and this poor lonesome cowboy
has got a long long way to home...

Yesterday I felt like this when I was preparing for my dinner.. No matter.. I have so good blog friends and I like all.
This meal recipe is from one of my blog friends Meggie's recipe.
This meal was so different from our Turkish meals. In Turkey we always use tomatoes sauces or red hot peppers sauces in all meals. We add olive oil and some spices to make it hot. But Meggie's meal came to me that is very healthy and pure. And of course It seemed delicious. I really want to taste it. When I returned home last evening I tried to make this meal but with some differences. Why? I have not got any sausage at home. And I have some cabbages and red peppers and onions at my home. I made this. After I ate all of them in a very few minutes I looked to my messages on the blog and I saw Meggie's message that what should I add more..
I ll make that recipe next time to my family..
My meal was so delicious and very healthy with no sauces. I like it so so much..
Here It is...

Of course with my new glass, Candle, salt and pepper I made a little dinner for myself...

This is a kind of breed Which makes in this part of Turkey. You know The city which I live is so closer to Syria. And for this reason Culture is so different from the middle parts of Turkey expecially the city where my family lives and also I have some troubles with their lifestyles and communication problems for this reason. In here the population is Syrian arabic people and they are so different from me and my family. I am living in some culture caos. Maybe I am unhappy for this reason and I am missing my family so much. But here meal culture is so different and they are eating this kind of breed. And It is so delicious.

This is Meggie's recipe with some differences. Cabbages, red peppers and onions with olive oil. (Meggie did not add olive oil I think)

Ohh I ate so much breed and I finished my plate a a very few minutes.. I am little bit fat..:((

Always coffee with milk. I like it so so much...

And finally I ate balmonds and pumpkin seeds.. I like them so much too....

Thank you Meggie for your friendship. I really want to learn some different cultures by the helping of my blog. These are good things in our short life...

And Tomorrow I am planning to visit The Cave Church of St. Peter in this city Antakya (Antioch) where I live and work. Here is the history...
This cave is widely believed to have been dug by the Apostle Peter himself as a place for the early Christian community of Antioch to meet, and thus to be the very first Christian church.
Whether or not this is so, St. Peter (and St. Paul) did preach in Antioch around 50 AD and a church had been established in Antioch by as early as 40 AD.
Antioch became a major center for planning and organizing the apostles' missionary efforts, and it was the base for Paul's earliest missionary journeys. Famously, it was the inhabitants of Antioch that first called Jesus' followers "Christians" (Acts 11:26).
The attractive stone façade of the church was built by Crusaders, who identified the grotto during their rule of Antioch from 1098 to 1268.


  1. I'm very flattered that you tried my meal. As I said in my post, I used items I keep in my fridge. My peppers were orange and red (sweet) bell peppers, sweet onions, and the sausage links I cut into small pieces. The sausage is what gives the flavor. I think the big difference in our meal is that I stir fried mine over a hot fire. I put a small amount of olive oil (1 tablespoon) in the pan and first get this hot. Then I add everything except the squash. The squash is added at the very last so it doesn't get too soft.
    It is a different style of cooking and I don't have a recipe. I use whatever is in the fridge.
    I'm so sorry you are working away from your family. My children also live in a different part of Texas.
    Good luck when you try this again.

  2. The bread looks so good Beck..l cant eat peppers( would just about kill me l think, anything that hot )....Am always interested in other cultures to see what they eat.. We have had to cut down on red meat ( as Fred had bowel cancer & has to watch now what he eats ) & we eat heaps of vegetables with just about every meall.. Tonight we are having a steak hot pot.. l personally LOVE tomatoes so they go in just about every meal l cook..
    Ingrediends of Grannys Hot Pot. Steak, cut into small pieces.. Throw into crockpot with a cup of finely chopped onions, tomatoes, corn, beans, peas, spinach, potatoes ( cut in tiny tiny pieces, tiny pieces of pumpkin., Salt, pepper, a handfull of tiny noodles.. l added a packet of ''Slow Cooker Recipe Bae for Beef Casserole''.. l dont know what brands you get over there but one brand l use here in Australia is CONTINENTAL brand..l will put a bit on my blog re this , & then you can see it..
    Cook in slow cooker for at least 4 hours... But you can slowly cook it all on top of stove in an ordinary saucepan, on a very slow heat.
    Best Wishes, Hahnsmum.. Australia..

  3. I think it's fun to try new recipes from other countries. That bread looks very good. There must be a lot of history in your city. I would love to visit that church!

  4. Dear Meggie, Dear Pam and Dear Lynne,
    I am very glad for your nice comments. That is true that We can learn so many things by the helping of blogs. I like this so much. We can learn different cultures, life styles, different meals and etc. Dear Pam, I ll try your meal in a very short time I am very interesting about your meal and I pray God for Fred to give health for him.
    Dear Lynne and all my blog friends, Dear Meggie, and dear Pam all all the others, I am inviting all of you to this antic city Antioch (Antakya) to see the early christians time. You know I am living lonely here and my home is very suitable to stay here. Otherwise Here are so good hotels to stay If you choose to stay there. But I like guests so so much and I ll be very happy to see my friends in my home.
    I went St Peter's church this morning and I ll share the photos with you in a very short time.
    And Dear Meggie, Today I prepared a breakfast for myself as you told me whatever you had in your fridge. This time again, I added cabbages, red peppers, and onions with a spoon olive oil. And After it cooked a bit I added 2 eggs in it. I ate it in a very few minutes again with that kind of breed which I'd showed you before.. What a good saturday this is....