February 26, 2012

Old Lamp, New Lamp..

Dear my friends,
You know I am so far from my family now as I returned to city Antakya. And this is weekend so I have so much free time to make somethings after a good cleaning of my home.. I returned here with one of puppies named Talia girl. Because we gave the others to some of our friends.
When I was near my family I bought little things for me and also my family. Here is a new lamp for my bedroom. I like the red color very much. So this lamp is so cute and very suitable for my bedroom..

My new lamp with my vintage radio and my books near my bed..

And then, I was so much free time so I made a new lamp from an old lamp of my daughter's bedroom.
Here is this old lamp. It was white but It was dirty and very simple so I changed it.

So first of all I covered the lamp surface with red ribbon. And I attached lace to the edges. It becomed a new lamp now. Of couse my daughter did not see it as she isn't near me. She is with her grandma and they are so far from me. But when they came here, she ll see this. I hope she ll like her lamp too..

New lamp with Talia..

It looks like christmas lamp.. Cute?..


  1. It looks very pretty - and Talia is soooo cute. Have a great crochet day. :)

  2. Great lamp makeover!
    Little Talia is so cute!