February 8, 2012

New crochet socks now...

Dear my friends,
I made one more crochet socks. These are very simple to make and I like to make it. Some of my blog friends asked If they were easy to make and how to make.. I found 2 blogs that I must show to you. Crochet socks patterns were given in that blogs. One of them is gingerschatz and the other is Renee' s blog. I looked from Renee's blog and tried to understand. Again my poor english...:)) But I think these two blogs will be very helpful for you to make crochet socks.
I made these crochet socks and I weard them with my boots when I was going to my office. Some pictures were taken at my office. Some of my friends were interested in these socks when they had seen them. Very pretty and very easy I think..
I wish all of you good days...


  1. Beck, your sock look good on you and look so warm.
    I like it.

  2. Dear Pingkan, thank you so much. I like it. It is so easy to make.. You make so good crochets too. Best wishes..

  3. All my life I was making KNITTED socks, and here you are, braking my rules! Have to try myself :))

  4. I bet your little toes are thanking you for keeping them so warm....
    Nice project!

  5. They look very nice with your boots. :)

  6. Hi Beck, I have awarded you the Versatile Blogger Award. Have a great day! :)