February 21, 2012

Life is This... Love is This....

Dear my friends,
First of all, I am really very sorry that I could not write to my blog for 5 days. But good news..:) I am with my daughter and my mother in Konya city. I came this city on friday night in a very bad weather.I came so hard bacause of snow storm. So I am with all my family. and you know I am very happy.. And this time bad news..:(  I must return back to Antakya city tomorrow morning.
Now you will see better why I love this place so much by the helping of my new photos..

Life is This.....

And Love is This...

My mother and Otis and cat Mestan.. Love is this I think...

Home sweet home.....

Our bird, Shahbaz. He is always barking. He only learned barking from our dogs..:))

Sleeping Otis... All the time..

My daughter's delicious meals and kitchen design..

My daughter is cooking... 

I have some pictures but I ll add them later. And When I returned back, I ll show you that why I am so sad there..
Tomorrow I ll return back by my own car. Weather is not so bad. There is no snow so I can drive good I think. I ll drive 8 hours. The city where I work is so far from this city. 8 hours by my car.. So far but I ll sleep well and I ll drink more coffee tomorrow morning and I ll go back...


  1. I was wondering why you had not posted. I'm so happy you were able to visit with your family. I know you miss them and they miss you. The photos are beautiful.

  2. yavrular muhteşem:) evindeki kedi, köpek ve kuş senin ne kadar sevgi dolu olduğunun göstergesi canım...

  3. Great photos! I hope you had a nice visit and wish you safe journey back.

  4. Oh...I can see why you love it so.....It just looks so happy..and your puppies!!! I am so sorry you have to work so far away...it must be very hard at times...but how lucky you are to have such a wonderful mother and daughter and all your dear animals.....so happy to see your post!!! Drive carefully!!

  5. The puppies have grown! I love the pictures of your mom taking a nap with the dog and cat. I like to do that too, because they keep me warm! Take care :)

  6. Dear my friends, Thank you very much for all your comments. I came back. I am fine now. I came back here with my 5 puppies. You see my mother is old to keep all animals in home. So I want to help her. Thank you very much for all your sweethearts..

  7. What a sweet post. It's great to have a family visit and happy that you made it home ok. It's a long drive by yourself (and the puppies too?)