February 10, 2012

6 sweet puppies....

My daughter sent the photos of 6 puppies yesterday. They are so sweet. And I really want to show them to all my friends. Here they are:
girls first:


Talia, my daugter loves her so much...

again Talia...

And now the boys....



And Comar...

And All together...

Yorgo the yellow face and Comar the black face...

Comar and the others...

We love all of them so much....


  1. Oh, they are so sweet and beautiful!!

  2. So thank you dear my friend. We love all of them so much. But we must give some of them I think. Our house is full of animals you know. My daughter will give some of them to her friends. It is very hard but we must... Thank you very much...

  3. Oh, Beck, I love Yorgo's sweet little face!

    Thanks you for nominating me for The Versatile Blogger Award. I was also nominated about a week before by Rustic Vintage Country.

    Thanks for reading my blog.

  4. How precious! Their eyes are open!

    Happy bonding.

  5. All dear friends thank you very much. We love all of them but we must give some of them to my daughter's friends. Dear Meggie, I think Yorgo will be stay with us. Yorgo, The sweetest...

  6. Such sweet little pups!

    ps I like your new banner.

  7. Aren't they just the cutest and cuddliest little guys? I wish I could hug them right now. Thank you so much for giving me the blogger award, I was very honored! Also, I like your new look, very pretty.

  8. All so cute: if I had to choose, it would be very difficult.

  9. oyyy nasılda şeker bunlar.yerim ben onları.çok tatlılar.ahh yanlarında olup bir güzel mıncıklamak isterdim..

  10. Dear my friends, I am very happy for all your comments. I had not any internet or web connection at this weekend so I could not give an answer to you. I must say that all you are writing to me from your hearts too. I really worked too hard at the weekend to make some crochets. I really want to send little gifts to all of my blog friends. I am trying to find a way sending them cheap and easy. Sending abroad is expensive but I think I ll find some cheap ways maybe.. Thank you for all and happy days....

  11. Oh my.....so so so sweet!!! They are the dearest little things! I have a house full of animals as well but it would be hard not to find room for one of them!!!! Happy Day to you!!!!

  12. Awweee so sweet if only they would stay this little longer. I'm sure it's a lot of work to care for them. I only have one Manx cat. Thanks so much for your recent comment on my blog.

  13. Beck, your dog is so cute. Thank you for the award.