January 18, 2012

Finally It Snowed..

 My holiday is going on.
So I am still with my mother and my daughter.. I ll return to Antakya where I work, next week. I must return to my job of course. But That city Antakya there is no snow in winters. Only It rains but no snow. Antakya is a hot city near mediterrenean sea. The people who live in Antakya never see snow any time. But now I am near my mother in another city Konya bigger than Antakya city. And this city is colder than Antakya. Yesterday It snowed so I was very happy to see snowing this year.. I took some photos and I want to share this photos with you.

This scenery is from my mother's home,  6th floor on the building. This is our street  near our building..

Look at the snow flakes.. Wonderful night...

This is me and  my new crochet scarf..


  1. Snow makes everything look so peaceful, doesn't it? Like you, I live where it does not snow, but often see it when I visit my family at the winter holidays.

  2. Dear Beck, I like your photos, especially the snow and your blue scarf is also beautiful. In Indonesia we never see snow. Best Wishes..