January 11, 2012

Crochet handsome monkey, Step by step now..

Dear my friends, This time I made a crochet monkey. But I took all photos step by step. One of my blogfriends Cindy asked the pattern of my first monkey on memoboard. I tried to describe but this time I made a new crochet monkey for all my friends and also Cindy. Because my english is not perfect to describe the pattern. So I took all photos step by step. Maybe this can be useful and helpful for you and also Cindy, as she wants to make a crochet monkey for her grand children. I made this for her and also all my blog friends. All best wishes and Thank you for all your friendship..
Brown and beige yarn and 4mm crochet needle

For monkey head, I made a crochet circle with brown yarn

For monkey mouth, I made a crochet elips with beige yarn

I found the suitable place for mouth on the head and I sew mouth on the head.

I found the ears position and I made ears. Beige parts are beginnig 6 stiches. But I finished these beige parts less than 6 stiches. You can decide maybe 4 or 3 stiches by lookking the shapes of ears

Then I made the brown part of ears around the beige parts. You must increase the stiches around the beige parts by looking the ears position and shapes

Then I made two crochet small circles for eyes. And sew them on the head. I made mouth with 12 or 13 stiches. And nostils are made with a pin and brown yarn.

You can add hairs by cutting beige yarn and sewing on the head

I hope this may be helpful for Cindy and all my friends who want to make this handsome monkey..
Handsome?? no no it is funy.....:))


  1. Thank you so much for the pattern....it is so cute!

  2. Beck, you are so thoughtful! I love the spikey hairdo on the monkey. He is a very happy monkey, just look at his grinning lips.

    I cannot wait to start this project!

    thank you again.

  3. Dear my friends, Thank you very much. Really I want to be helpful who wants to make this. Thanks a lot..

  4. çok şeker.anlatımında çok kolay görünüyor.mutlaka deneyeceğim.teşekkürler..