December 1, 2011

Quilting - patchwork pillows..

This is my first job. And I made this for my mother...

These pillows are my first trials. I like patchwork and quilting but I had not any idea how I'd do it. I tried and made these pillows. Not so good but not so bad..


  1. I think you did a great job. I believe I recognize one of the patterns as "Ohio Star". Maybe you have different names for them. I have done some patchwork too. I like to sew mine by hand with very tiny stitches. Something like this is also pretty in a frame with glass over it.
    Thanks again for all the kind words you have about my blog postings.

  2. Dear Maggie, you are very polite thank you very much. You are right. I found this pattern from website or a blog that s name is Ohio star. I think this star is a traditional or historical star. And I liked it very much. It is not so perfect maybe, but it seems good. Sewing by hand should be very hard. I am trying to learn sewing by machine by myself. I like to try different things. This is a therapy for me in this boring life I think. You are a very good friend. Thank you so much again. All best wishes...