December 21, 2011

My Christmas Tree....

Day by day my christmas tree is growing.. I know it is incomplete but every day I find new ornaments to add. Last night I wrote 'PEACE' on it. I wish new year brings PEACE for all of the world...

PEACE for all..


  1. Hi Beck! Thanks for your sweet comment on my blog! Your snowmen are so cute and your tree looks lovely!

  2. I like the "Peace" message on your tree, and all your crafts gathered beneath it. Have a beautiful Christmas!

  3. Dear Brittany and dear Lynne, I am very happy to meet you and It is so nice to see you on my blog. Really I am trying to make little handmades but your blogs are wonderful and I am following your blogs every day.
    I wish Peace for all of the world humanity. All best wishes..

  4. Thank you so much. And very thanks for visiting my blog. Best wishes and merry christmas..