December 12, 2011

2 recycled projects for Christmas

Hi Dear Friends,
I wish you a very good new week.. At this weekend I tried to make somethings for christmas. Bu tI have so many old and useless things that I could nt throw away them at all. I have an empty bottle and some plastic glasses so I tried to make somethings new from them.
I painted both of them with an acrilic painting and I waited them to dry. Whem they dried, I applied varvish on them. And I waited again. Then I pasted lace on them by the helping with glue gun. I added some pearls and goldish varnish on them.
That s all. The old bottle is a candlestick and the glass is a beautiful vase now. They are very fancy for Christmas I think..

1 comment:

  1. Very clever & very pretty... l havent been reading blogs for a while , so here l am again catching up... l liked yr family photos as well..Yr daughter is very pretty.. Best Wishes, Hahnsmum..