November 29, 2011

HELLO for all crochet lovers..

Today is my first day for my blog and I am very happy that I ll show some little works of me and learn so many things from you. I ll watch some blogs from all over the world that I made some crochets from tutorials. So I decided to show you what I made. It is very important for me that to learn your ideas about my works. Because I know that I am very new for this kind of things but I like to make a new little things for every single day.
Actually I am very busy about my job. I am a veterinarian woman and I am trying to treat all kind of animals all day. But at the end of the day I ll be happy if that animals are healthy. That s time to go to my sweet home. And finally I understand that resting for me is.. To be with my daughter and my mother, to be with my 2 sweet dogs and my little cat, crochet and knitting. Yes this is my rest of life after work.
So now, Hello again friends for a happy and healthy times..

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